Psychology helps to measure the probability that an aim is attainable.

- Edward Thorndike

If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment.

- Ernest Rutherford

Now that I’ve finished reading Extreme Ownership, I need to find another book to read. I have a plethora of them to choose from. I usually have several books going at the same time. I have an audiobook, a fiction book on my Kindle and then I have a entrepreneurial type book that I’m also reading.

When you’re not winning, you’re losing.

- John McCain

Finished reading: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink 📚

I really enjoyed this book! I really like how they bring lessons learned from their time being Navy Seals to the business world.

Also, the timing is interesting since I will be stepping into a management role starting next week.

The L10 column is all you need to know!

Busy week:
Tuesday: High School Volleyball
Thursday: College Football Broadcast on ESPN+
Friday: High School Football Broadcast on the radio.

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I consider nature a vast chemical laboratory in which all kinds of composition and decompositions are formed.

- Antoine Lavoisier

Amazes me how long it takes one person to order in the drive through. Like how many people are you ordering for? And can you go inside next time? I’m in the drive through because it’s supposed to be faster. And I’m hungry!

I heard someone once say they send out gratitude texts every day. So I wondered what that would look like for me. I don’t do it every day but I am trying to make a habit of sending out three gratitude texts every week to different contacts in my phone to let them know I’m glad they’re in my life.

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

- William Feather

It is the true duty of every man to promote the happiness of his fellow creatures to the utmost of his power.

- William Wilberforce

Every time I hear this song, I start dancing like Chris Pratt’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy

If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail.

- Kobe Bryant

Love this green color!

Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.

- Claude Debussy

Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.

- Saint Francis de Sales

Went and watched Sound of Freedom today. I cried most of the movie. I do not understand how anyone could do those things to another human being. Much less a child.

We should so work as if we were to be saved by our works; and so rely on Jesus Christ, as if we did no works.

- Francis Asbury