Almost one week into using the new Journal App from Apple. My initial reaction can be found here.

So far I’ve used the share extension to add things to the app. Things like safari links, songs from Apple Music and photos. They all work well. I even recorded a voice memo in the app the other day. I was out for a walk and decided to I wanted to talk about my day. So I opened the app, hit record and started talking about it.

I really like the suggestions in the app as well. On the same day mentioned above I opened the app in the evening and it had a map of my walk that I took as a suggestion of something I may want to reflect on. Last year around this time I was in Buffalo and had taken some pictures at Niagara Falls. The app suggested that maybe I’d like to reflect on that trip a year later.

So far I haven’t found anything that I hate or dislike about the app. At times I wish there was more to it then I wonder if I really want that. I have Day One that has all the other stuff. The extra journals, the streaks, etc. What I like about Apple’s journaling app is the fact that its minimal. It doesn’t have all the other fluff. You don’t get lost in templates and creating them and wondering where I should put this entry. You just write or talk and its there. You can go back and review it if you want. Or you don’t have to. It’s there either way.

I have committed to using this app through November. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing with it. Adding stuff periodically via the share sheet and writing about my day. I feel like a month will be a good time frame for me to know if I want to continue using it or not.