Sports. Oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways!!

  1. The SEC officials are terrible. I saw at least two calls that were completely blown calls. One of which, cost Arkansas the win over Auburn. That should not happen.
  2. Both defenses were terrible, but the shootout between Texas and Oklahoma was “must-see-TV.”
  3. Friday night lights is still special even in a pandemic.
  4. Who didn’t shed a sports tear when you saw Dak Prescott being carted off the field with tears in his eyes.
  5. Makes you wonder if he played his last game as a Dallas Cowboy.
  6. The NFL keeps making things worse and worse. By not punishing the Titans, they have set a precedence. Now, because of said precedence, the league has had to shuffle games and bye weeks. Eight teams in total are effected because of the current COVID-19 situation in the NFL.
  7. That being said, who doesn’t like Tuesday Night football? Especially when it’s your team playing. Go Bills!
  8. How bad is the Cowboys defense? The Giants scored 47 points total in four games this season. On Sunday, against the Cowboys, they scored 34. Not all of that is on the defense, I know. The Giants did score on a pick six in the first quarter. The Giants as a team came in averaging under 12 points per game. They scored 14 in the first quarter against Dallas.
  9. LeBron James! Un-freaking-believable! Enough said.
  10. Russell Wilson showed on Sunday night why he’s still a top-three quarterback in this league. Its him, Patrick Mahomes (not necessarily in that order) and… can pick the third one.