This was an absolutely crazy week for me. Last Sunday, I was sitting the press box of an XFL game 120 miles away. On Monday night, I covered a local high school softball game. Tuesday found me 45 miles away doing a college basketball broadcast. Friday I was back at that same location doing a high school basketball broadcast. On Saturday, I drove 100 miles to watch a hockey game (as a fan). This morning I am writing and posting sports stuff to the website.

I sit here and think about how all of this started a decade ago and wonder how we got this far. I’m not sure how many times I’ve written and/or told the story but its still a story that has me scratching my head. I approached a website about writing a blog for them. A sports blog since that’s in my wheelhouse. It’s what I know. They said yes.

From there, it escalated. I have been doing high school sports for over eight years now. I have been broadcasting sports on the radio for six years. I freelance for several news papers. I have covered the Dallas Mavericks. I did my first video broadcast last fall and have broadcast college basketball and volleyball. I currently have two websites I run (not including this blog).

I don’t say all of that to brag. I say this to let you know that dreams can come true. I’ve been a sports fan for my entire life. I grew up listening to sports on the radio because we didn’t have a television for a long time. I listened to every game I could and that’s how I absorbed my sports. That’s how I absorbed my content. Would I like to do this full time? I’d be lying if I said no. But for now, it’s my side hustle. And for now, it’s something I still love doing.